Liliblanc World


Lili Blanc is a luxury ready-to-wear fashion Brand for women designed to reflect strength, confidence, and beauty with perfectly tailored and shaped designs.

Launched in April 2020 by Fashion Entrepreneur and Creative Director Sabrina Muhieddin , Conceptualized in the crux of the pandemic, the brand’s ethos lies in offering the contemporary woman an impressive array of wardrobe staples that combine day-to-night style with all-day-long comfort. Each piece is designed to seamlessly adapt to one’s existing wardrobe to fill the gap of accessible and comfortable clothes in the region. “Lili Blanc” not only expresses her direct fondness for the flower, but it also symbolizes the strength the “Lili Blanc woman” carries as she adapts to challenging and changing environments, whilst coming stronger and blossoming beautifully, which is an innate quality of the flower.