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Article: LILI BLANC World


A new era has dawned. Lili Blanc is an exceptional affordable luxury ready-to-wear fashion brand for women that celebrates strength, confidence, and femininity with expertly tailored and shaped designs. Born from the vision of CEO and founder Sabrina Mouhieddine in 2020, the brand empowers women to have it all; to be confident, empowered, and feminine. Experience the timeless versatility and craftsmanship of Lili Blanc, and see what it means to have a modern twist on your wardrobe.
 From day to night, Lili Blanc has created a stylish range of versatile women’s wear that is sure to make a statement. Lili Blanc is designed to be both sophisticated and timeless, allowing women to dress to impress, no matter the occasion. With the launch of Lili Blanc, Sabrina has provided women with an array of options to look and feel their best in any situation. Shortly after the launch, it received a more substantial perspective. 
 The elegance of Lili Blanc's first collection, Hope, is a testament to the possibility of transformation that comes after every crisis. From the high-quality materials to the versatile and streamlined cuts, this collection allowed women to look and feel sophisticated yet still move freely. The muted hues in the color palette added a touch of chicness to women’s everyday wardrobe. With Hope, Lili Blanc has taken the COVID pandemic's dramatic changes and turned it into a fashionable and functional collection that is perfect for any occasion.
Shades of Lili

Shades of Lili

The “Shades of Lili” (SS24) collection was inspired by the beauty of all Lily flowers. We wanted to honor this majestic flower and showcase its sweet and innocent beauty. Lilies symbolize femininit...

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