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Article: Flamme Femme

Flamme Femme

The “Flamme Femme” collection (AW23) represents every woman who decided to move forward, and get out of her comfort zone; She is a woman who is willing to take risks, create new memories, and go on new adventures. Flamme Femme decided to break the chain of stereotypes and dance on her own to every music genre. She let go of the things holding her back and decided to sway along to Jazz music that inspired her looks which led her to make Paris her first travel destination; where she could explore her fashion liberty.
Shades of Lili

Shades of Lili

The “Shades of Lili” (SS24) collection was inspired by the beauty of all Lily flowers. We wanted to honor this majestic flower and showcase its sweet and innocent beauty. Lilies symbolize femininit...

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